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Tina provides doTERRA Essential Oil classes via zoom and in person.
In 2011 Tina and Steve opened up Valued Kids Childcare and suddenly they were both sick continually. The little germy loving children we were caring for were sharing all with us. They were introduced to doTERRA and found that it was a great support for their immune systems. It helped support both respiratory and digestive systems and was amazing at helping with relaxation and sleeping better at night. Tina attended classes weekly and learned from an amazing Aromatherapist. She has been able to learn the art of blending oils, and helping others to find the oils that will support their wellness as well. She loves to teach and use essential oils. She does LOTS of emotional work with aromatherapy and loves to see how much it boosts moods, and supports overall wellness.

There is lots of additional information and shopping at my doTERRA website.