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Steven and Tina Kendall live and own multiple businesses in Centralia, WA. While life is hard at times, it has been an amazing ride. Steven and Tina have been married for over 26 years and continue to learn from one another each day. They have 4 amazing sons and one fabulous daughter in law, and have added an honorary daughter. We are Children of God! We do our best to serve and support those we come into contact with.  

Steve has his Bachelor's degree in Business, Criminal Justice and Political Science. He is co-owner of Valued Kids Childcare Centers and Valued Wellness. Steven is an insurance agent, and certified First Aid / CPR instructor and teaches most of the CPR classes. Steve is a Certified Fingerprint Technician and does printing for IdentoGO. He helps manage the day to day happenings of the businesses.

Tina has her Bachelor's degree in Education and Family Science. She is co-owner of Valued Kids Childcare Centers and Valued Wellness. She is a Master Joy Coach, Grief Coach, Holistic Health Coach, Relaxation Therapist, doTERRA Wellness Advocate, and a CPR Instructor. Tina is also a Certified Fingerprint Technician and does printing for IdentoGO.

Steve is an amazing artist. Most of his art is now done digitally on the computer and he and shares his talents freely with others. He does custom name signage and sells prints of his images. He's working on publishing his first book and is looking forward to sharing his creativity even wider.

Tina loves painting rocks and doing paper crafts. She loves coaching others and seeing their lives transition and heal through the Savior's love. Tina loves to empower others to change their lives and find their true and full worth. She strives to see others as the Savior sees them.
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Tina provides doTERRA Essential Oil classes via zoom and in person.
In 2011 Tina and Steve opened up Valued Kids Childcare and suddenly they were both sick continually. The little germy loving children we were caring for were sharing all with us. They were introduced to doTERRA and found that it was a great support for their immune systems. It helped support both respiratory and digestive systems and was amazing at helping with relaxation and sleeping better at night. Tina attended classes weekly and learned from an amazing Aromatherapist. She has been able to learn the art of blending oils, and helping others to find the oils that will support their wellness as well. She loves to teach and use essential oils. She does LOTS of emotional work with aromatherapy and loves to see how much it boosts moods, and supports overall wellness.

There is lots of additional information and shopping at my doTERRA website.

Inner-Voice Scan

Inner-VoiceTM is the first scan we recommend. You will speak for 10 seconds and the Solex AO Scan Device will graph the vibrational frequencies in your voice and provide you with “Balancing Harmonics.” You will be provided a full report and the harmonics by email.

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Vitals Scan

Vitals ScanTM completes a scan of over 550 Blueprint FrequenciesTM associated with bodily functions. A 24 page report will be emailed to you of only the frequencies out of range.

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Body Systems Scan

Body Systems ScanTM scans each body system and provides you with the acute or chronic mal-alignments in each system. It also gives emotions stored in those systems.

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Comprehensive Scan

Comprehensive ScanTM Completes ALL of the above scans and more. You will get each above and a 44 page report showing a detailed scan of over 130 organs, cells, bones, and chromosomes. You’ll get number representations to homeostasis before and after optimization.

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AO Scanning in your Home

1. You can be scanned remotely in your home. The rates are the same as on our site for individual or complete scanning. 2. You are able to have the AO scanning device in your home and we would love to help you with this. 3. We also have a 3 day subscription test option. It is $49 and you can run all the scans you want for 72 hours.

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CPR / First Aid / AED / Bloodborne Pathogens

We provide full in person and online CPR and First Aid Classes. Class is $70 with a discount to $60 each if you bring a group of 5 or more. These classes are in person and include hand's on requirements. There is also an option for a basic overview class without certification. This class is $20. This class may be via zoom or in person.

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Fingerprinting services will be provided by Valued Wellness through IdentoGO services. Appointments are scheduled through We are the providers for Washington DCYF, DSHS, Inusrance, Securites, Safety, Real Estate etc. agencies.

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