Joyful Living TM Series

Joy Coaching (R) is a program designed and written by Karyn Lynn Grant, LMT. 

Karyn Writes:  “The Healer’s Touch MethodTM,"  was revealed to me every step of the way (line upon line and precept upon precept) — every song, every name of every Blessing & Blend™ every word in every affirmation and beyond, every scripted page, came to me as pure comfort in response to a personal need or pertaining to the needs of a personal client.”

“This inspiration flowed non-verbally, as the “Divine Whisperer” (the Spirit of the Lord) bestowed it into the understanding of my heart and mind. I can give no credit to any man for “inspiring” this method because it did not come from any manual written by any man or woman. “

“I can’t leave out any mention of Him or His divine guidance in being my Sole Inspiration for creating a method that can tend to the broken hearted and the grieving. The greatest “Citation” must be given to Him. That is what makes The Healers Touch Method™ so different.”

Cherishing Hearts Blessings and Blends™ Introduction Course - This class is free and you will learn how to use the Cherishing Hearts Blessings and Blends™ book written by Karyn Lynn Grant, LMT. You will experience a blessing and song selected for the group of class attendees. The book is $49.00 +s/t

The next four courses are taught in two levels:
Level 1 – A general introduction to the specific connection
Level 2 – A more in-depth teaching of the contents of the specific connection 

The Healer’s Touch™ - Focuses on the Heart Connection
Divines Essence™ - Focuses on the Mind Connection
The Lullaby Connection™ - Focuses on the Inner Child Connection
The Ancient Legacy™ - Focuses on the Spiritual Connection

Level 3 – Joy Coaching (R) Advanced Certification – Joy Coaching(R)  your Community - If you want to learn more and become a certified Joy Coach (R) this program is available for you as well.